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Our time with Mojo King

You may have noticed a flurry of activity from us at Mojo King; this is because a group of masters students from Cardiff University came in and offered to give the shop’s social media presence a revamp and get things off the ground again.

Hopefully you’ve seen some of the work they’ve been doing and have appreciated the new style of public engagement that MojoKing is striving for; maybe you’ve even decided to pay; the shop a visit because of some of the different forms of digital media created? We are: Gilbert, Harry, Iris, Lawrence, Yao Yao and Veronique and we have been working tirelessly with Paul to try and achieve some positive changes for Mojo King. We have given new life to the Instagram account @MojoKingClothing by posting about the clothes and the mod lifestyle more regularly than before.


This blog has been a big part of the new campaign; trying to give you, the audience, a better idea of what the store is about, and who Paul is, to encourage some of you to seek Paul out and enjoy the welcoming shopping experience he has created.The new website,, has been set up to help collate all the different forms of social media and also to allow users to see what’s new in the shop and new stock that is available.


Now that the initial campaign will be drawing to its conclusion how about giving us, both MojoKing and the students, some feedback on how you think we’ve been doing?

  • Maybe you have some suggestions of events MojoKing could attend to raise public awareness?
  • Maybe you have some ideas on new ways to use social media in order to get more views?

You might be wondering what’s next? Well what we know is that the social media presence will shrink down slightly in order to be more manageable for one person to keep on top of, this doesn’t mean that anyone at MojoKing has stopped putting as much effort as they possibly can into the shopping experience. The Instagram will still have regular updates to show you what’s in the store currently and what’s going on, plus this blog will be updated whenever the store has news, big or small, to share with you all.

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Paul has made it clear that what he would love most for Mojo King is to move to a more prominent location, so hopefully one day soon MojoKing will be out on a main street and showing people all the amazing things that the shop and Paul have to offer.


Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Gilbert,Harry,Iris,Lawrence,Yao Yao and Veronique @ MojoKing!


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