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Want to look sharp & clean? Mojo King!

Guys, are you struggling to find the right clothes to show off who you are? Do you want to be above trends? Are you willing to stand out? Do you want to be part of a constantly evolving aspect of British style? Why not have a look at Mojo King? We have a huge amount of clothing and accessories that hark back to the mod style of the ‘80s, which can help you to stand out from your friends and peers.



The owner of Mojo King, Paul Reeves, wanted to find a shop that he and his friends could find their kind of clothes in. Located in Wellfield Court, on Wellfield Road of Cardiff (CF24 3PB), offering brands likes Soul of 65, Gabicci, Fred Perry, Aertex, Baracuta, Warrior and Ikon, Mojo King stocks classic pieces like; parkas, desert boots, sta-prest and retro bags and accessories (open from 10am to 5pm).


Finding Mojo King can feel a bit like an adventure because it is stashed away in Wellfield Court. However, you will certainly be amply rewarded for your efforts!


When you see the signage for Wellfield Court, just pop right in and experience the magic Paul Reeves has curated in Mojo King!


Walking down the arcade, from Wellfield Road, you will find Mojo King on your right.

Whilst Mojo King isn’t big, it sure is mighty! The mod music, soft lighting and carefully chosen decoration will make you want to stay, after purchasing your goods, to look at the signed memorabilia, have a flick through some of the mod culture-books that Paul has for people to read, or just chat to Paul; a wealth of knowledge in everything from where to listen to music, go to scooter ralleys, you name it he knows someone!


A key component of mod clothing is, of course, the shoes and the scarves.


Below are just a few examples of the literature that Paul keeps to hand in case you’re curious about reading further into the topic.


The seat below is a perfect statement piece to describe the shop; beautifully crafted with a thoroughly British flare.


So what are you waiting for? Come on down, have a look and then tell us what you thought? We hope you love the shopping experience Paul has created for you as much as we have!

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